Children’s Books

Somewhere between learning and having fun, there seems to be a highland where all of us are happy. Where we enjoy meeting each other. A party which we never want to leave. A crowd of animals, our neighbors and our loved ones. A cheerful crowd.

It is not a life we watch, it is a life we take part in. In curiosity, breathless, excited. Productive visuality. Amazing creativity. It is a claim that embraces the student and the teacher, the parent and their children and makes them happy at the same time.

Children’s books are the most fun.



List of Children’s Books

Ecological Community

by Ralph Weder & Virginia Patrone

What Do Animals Eat?

by Damon Müller & Joyeeta Neogi

My Garden

by Sandra Verhoven & Joyeeta Neogi

Sunfish and Moonlight

by Lisa Aarden & Oksana Bula

The Girl with Antlers

by Julie Anderson & Jimmy Ramirez

Sea Boy Roberto

by Gianni Bossi & Kristina Stoyanova

Homemade Bread

by Miguel Angel Durante & Kristina Stoyanova

Young Wolf

by Damon Müller & Lena Pokaleva

Life and Seed

by Alex de Kauzo & Chaaya Prabhat


Detective Joe

by Aimi Mizuno & Fabiana Farcas


A Rat's Tale

by Michael Trott & Cherry Smith


Fluffy's Magic

by Cecilia Gimenez Pedroza & Rosa Mascaro Verger


Woodpeckers Cooperative

by Julie Anderson & Giulia Orsetti


Volunteer Woodpeckers

by Julie Anderson & Giulia Orsetti


The Lake of the Woodpeckers

by Julie Anderson & Giulia Orsetti


Edu and the Best House Ever

by Pablo Amor, Cristina Llorante & Gerard Armengol


The Lighthouse of Alexandria

by Julie Anderson & Melissa Salvarani


Acila and Holy Puma Save the Temple

by Julie Anderson & Melissa Salvarani


Hanging Gardens of Babylon

by Julie Anderson & Melissa Salvarani


Why are Some Animals Less Popular?

by Damon Müller & Joyeeta Neogi


Joombetto & Matilda

by Arianna Milesi


The Bunny Chronicles - How Bunny Was Born

by Nicole Crabtree & Alice Mae

Claire Malone Changes the World

by Nadia L. King & Alisa Knatko

School Adventures

by Martine Lambert & Joseph Witchall

The Bunny Chronicles - Magical Portugal

by Nicole Crabtree & Alice Mae

The Magic Journey of Gemma

by Grazia Monardo & Daniela Landini

Little Homeopath

by Ralph Weder & Maria Ballarin


by Azize Arslan & Rich Fisk

Yun Chen & Snow Man

by EKaterina Panfilova

How Hope Became an Activist

by George M. Johnson & Danielle Grandi

Greta's Voice

by Ged Umlimi & Amelina Jones

The Secret of the Sagrada Familia

by Salvador Comelles & LINHART

Mission Cheese

by T.G. Daleur & Geta Belogolovsky

Yoga with Cats

by Maria van Bruggen

Li, Miss Bee and the Honey Rocket

by Robert Austin & Alina Everatt

The Bunny Chronicles Turkish Delights

by Nicole Crabtree & by Alice Mae

Moban & Sky's Mindful Adventure

by Bernie Leonard & Chris Taylor

One Human Community

by Amelina Jones

The Twelve Dancing Princesses

by Sarah Mahfoudh

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