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The calendar marks the change of year or century; however it does not reflect the spirit of a new age. As we head into the 21st century, humanity has long been present on this planet, but remmants of centuries past continue to obstruct our politics, philosophy, etc.

Dixi Books aims to be the voice of the New Age. Humanity has new problems to address, but these problems cannot be solved using outdated practices. We cannot meet news tastes in art and literature using old methods of understanding. We need brand new novels, creative political discourses, schools that fit the age, intellectuals who will give voice to new knowledge, and publishing houses that will represent them.

“This new century has brought different cultures closer with new technological possibilities and accelerated travel opportunities, and cultures have been influenced by each other to the greatest extent.”

In this context, these needs are challenging publishers to produce supranational, unique, and original works.

With an ever-growing list of publications in literature, ecology, history, education, sociology, philosophy, etc. Dixi Books is inviting all the writers from all around the world to join with them in providing new knowledge for those who seek it.

Our books are original, creative, innovative, participative, surprising and exciting. In order to shift outdated paradigms, we are calling writers and readers to join us in going beyond the ordinary. 

We are with Greta Friday For Future

Our Mission

Publishing for a sustainable planet, restorative communities, and  creative people and societies living together cheerfully and without hostility.

Our Vision

To create a safer and more festive world by publishing books that go beyond the age of literature and thought, that are innovative, creative, restorative and experiential, and that restructure our relationships with each other as well as with nature by supporting rather than hindering.

Meet Our Team

We are Awesome.

Ayse Ozden

Rights Director & Editor

A social, kind, and humorous person, Ayse is responsible for the sale and purchase rights of our books. She is also a well-known figure at many internatioal book fairs. Feel free to write to her if you have any questions.

Email: ayse@dixibooks.com

Aytac Tolga Timur

Editor- Ecology and Literature

As our ecology and literature editor, Aytac brings fifteen years of publishing experience to the position. He is a hard-core activist and has written numerous essays on editorship. Aytac is a fun person to work with.

Email: aytac@dixibooks.com

Andrea Bailey


Writing has been her passion ever since. Unlike other kids expecting toys as gifts, she was always given books by those who knew her passion. In time, she has acquired a huge library and a love for books that never wore off.

Andrea has now turned her passion to a job, she is working happily as an editor.



Julian Rose


Julian Rose; early pioneer of ecological farming, integrated rural economies and decentralised community regeneration. Farmer, writer, holistic thinker, broadcaster and activist: Julian campaigns against all attempts to sterilise our living earth and create aspirations and expresses belief in the power of the human spirit to awake new life and hope.

S.C. Farrow


S.C. Farrow has been a writer and editor for over twenty years. Based in Melbourne, Australia, she has a Master of Arts degree in Creative Writing, and teaches creative writing at various Melbourne colleges.

Lena Pokaleva

Illustrator / Artist

Lena is a Professional illustrator and book designer, currently based between Paris and Prague.
She spent
all of her childhood with dreaming and drawing.
She loves art, exhibitions, strong coffee, summer, and her
old bicycle.

Joyeeta Neogi

Illustrator / Artist

Joyeeta worked in the garment industry for four years before returning to school to study graphic arts and illustration. Soon after, she began her career as a children’s book illustrator.

Her love for nature inspires her bright and colourful illustrations. Her style is a blend of illustration and realism. 

Virginia Elena Patrone

Author / Illustrator

Virginia Elena Patrone was born in Italy in 1985. An artist, author and illustrator, her
works have been presented in various museums and galleries throughout Italy.

interests include the political food approach, and sustainable and traditional
architecture techniques.

AJ Collins

Accredited Editor – Literature

AJ is a fully qualified, accredited freelance editor and professional writer. She is approachable, understanding of writers’ sensitivities and always passionate about words on the page.

AJ specialises in long-form works: novels, memoir, biography, some self-help books.

Oksana Bula

Illustrator / Artist

Oksana always wanted to be a pickman. She also wanted to be a police officer. At home she has a place on the wall to draw stories. She has another place under the carpet.After some time drawings moved from the  wall to the Academy of Arts. At the academy, she learned the art of glass making.

Oksana always wanted to be lost in the forest.

Kelsie Blanthorn

Editor – Non-Fiction

Kelsie recently graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a Master of Science in Global Environment, Politics / Society. Her expertise is sustainability and climate change policy and she has professional experience working in these sectors for municipalities in the United States. This interest was driven by an appreciation for the outdoors and the need for rapid change in environmental policy.

Meteoros Garage

Illustrator / Artist

Meteoros from Guatemala has a passion for illustration and character design. From an early age, his art has been influenced by animated series, comics, books, manga, and video games. Since childhood, he’s dreamed of immersing himself in graphic expressions, of showing his work to the world, and communicating the ideas that are in his head.

Ralph Weder


Ralph Weder was born in Berlin. He completed his primary education in a forest school where he was introduced to the basic principles of ecology such as compost, mulch, and permaculture.
Following university, he worked as a teacher in several different schools. His main issue during his time as a teacher was the lack of quality books available to introduce to his students.
Finally, he took a pen to his hand and a piece of paper and started to write children’s books himself.
Interactive learning, events in nature, and inviting everybody into ecological activities, constituted
the orbit of life.

Gianni Bossi


Born in a small Italian sea-side town in 1978, Gianni learned the art of fishing from his father. An amateur fisherman, his father instilled in him a love of the sea. From his mother he learned how to play piano.

Gianni began to take an interest in environmental issues when studying at university in Bologna.

After completing his Master’s Degree, he decided he would write books for children. His books often include stories about the sea.

Currently living in the United States, Bossi is married with four children.

Damon Müller


Damon Müller is a father of two boys. His enormous love for children has led him to study alternative methods for higher quality education. Lately, he has volunteered to work with children in a democratic school in Germany where his sons also attend. The school values democracy not only as a goal, but also as a method of instruction. Damon attempted to write his first novel when he was just nine years old, and he has been writing ever since. In his books, he combines his teaching and parenting experiences with extensive knowledge accumulated from working with kids over the years, all as inspirational stories. His books are always filled with fun and original characters.

Gulus G. Turkmen


Gulus Turkmen grew up in Brussels, Belgium, studying Antique Languages ​​and Literature. She had her bachelors degree in Communication Design in International Design School CAD. She worked as a marketing communication expert in several NGOs as well as the private sector. She is still working as an International Communication Expert at Hacettepe University Teknokent.

Gulus, a mother to a boy and a girl, realized that every mother spends a lot of effort for raising their children, but not all of these efforts produced a positive result. She finally developed the Map of Motherhood© application, in which she could evaluate the approach and practices of a mother to her child, and devised the concept of “Sustainable Good Parenthood”.

Julie Anderson


Julie Anderson is the oldest of 7 children and has always loved writing and poetry. She recalls her mother being concerned that she read so much, she never came out of her room.
As a youth worker for children with special needs, Julie has been around children her whole life. She really enjoys entertaining them with her silly rhymes and made up stories. Julie has 3 daughters which have inspired her to publish books for younger children.
She is now in demand as a speaker in many schools nationally. She loves to combine those presentations with music and dance, her two favourite hobbies.

Fabiana Farcas


Fabiana Farcas was born in Romania in a very small town called Arad. Her enthusiasm for drawing emerged when she was very young, about five years old. After graduating, she turned her hand to digital art. Occasionally, she will revisit traditional methods such as watercolour on paper.
The art Fabiana most loves to create is illustration, especially if it has a focus on bright colours, the whimsical, fairies and fairy worlds, children, or nature. She also loves dogs, cats, ballet, and travelling.

Eric Zhu


Eric was born in Qingdao, a beautiful place of China, and was graduated from Nankai University He has great passion for architecture, history and literature.
He devotes a lot of his time to research the cultures of different nations.
He is the father of a lovely boy and loves to travel in different countries.

Orhan Tuncay


Contemporary fantasy fiction contains worlds where the dullness of reality, and the laws of physics and scientific progress, yield their significance to a new horizon where dimensions are multiplied, and people can think without restriction. All over the world, readers are connected by their love for this wondrous genre.
Orhan Tuncay is a master writer of contemporary fantasy fiction. His ability to penetrate the world of fantasy, and to fuse imagination with literary prowess, has resulted in a profusion of creativity. Easy to read yet deceptively deep, many of his novels and short stories have been published.

Michael Trott


Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Michael has always loved the written word. He has a Bachelor degree in Writing and Publishing, and is currently studying for an MA in Creative Writing. He recently completed his first novella and is already working on his next project. His interests include Martial Arts, painting, and animals. His favourite animal is his beloved tortoiseshell cat, Tiger Lilly.

Arianna Milesi

Illustrator / Artist

Born in Bergamo, Italy in 1982, Arianna graduated in Byzantine Art and Visual Arts in Milan. She often uses paper, wood, fabric, threads, and living organisms in her drawings and interactive installations. She loves light and suspended atmospheres where well established
concepts can be explored freely, even through unconscious associations. Her predilection for the art of drawing did not prevent her
from expanding her interests and developing her skills to include music and literature into her works.

Kristina Stoyanova

Illustrator / Artist

Kristina was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, where she graduated from the National Art Academy After several years working as a graphic designer in advertising agencies, she is now working exclusively as an illustrator.

Her art is inspired by fairy tales and the stories she creates. She also likes to add a pinch of humour to them.

Andrea Bailey


Writing has been her passion ever since. Unlike other kids expecting toys as gifts, she was always given books by those who knew her passion. In time, she has acquired a huge library and a love for books that never wore off. Writing is such a path that can build new and strong bridges between people no matter what the differences are.

Andrea Bailey has turned her passion to a job starting from her university years. She is now an editor leading a happy and peaceful life, one of those rare people who can have a job that they love.

Ruya Aygunes

Author and Illustrator

The Adventures of Nina and the Radio is Ruya Aygunes’s first book. At nine years old, she not only wrote the text but illustrated it too!
Ruya is passionate about radio.
Radio doesn’t rely on visual images to a paint picture for us. Rather, it relies on sound – voices, music, sound effects, and even silence, to tell a story. It is this interweaving of sound, narrative, and imagination that prompts us to construct our own images in our mind. It is this magical confluence which sets the listener free.
This is why radio is Ruya’s passion. For her, radio is hope, joy, and ultimately, the story’s noble saviour.

Virginia Aronson


Virginia Aronson is the Director of the Food and Nutrition Resources Foundation. She is the author of more than 40 books published by Random House, Doubleday, Macmillan, Prentice-Hall, Penguin, and small independent presses in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada. Her books include textbooks on nutrition, guidebooks for healthy living, and fiction for children and adults. She lives in the US with her husband and son.

Chaaya Prabhat


Chaaya Prabhat is an independent graphic designer and illustrator based in Chennai, India. After getting her M.A. in Graphic Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design, Chaaya lived and worked in Hong Kong for two years as a graphic designer and illustrator. She has won awards for her portfolio previously from Adobe and Behance. Her work usually involves a combination of illustration, design and hand-lettering which she is passionate about.

Giulia Orsetti


Giulia Orsetti was born in Rome, Italy in 1994. Ever since she was a child, she’s had a passion for drawing that, growing up, has become increasingly important. She attended Istituto Statale d’Arte Roma where she graduated with a specialization in architecture. Afterwards, she enrolled in the Scuola Romana dei Fumetti where she studied the techniques of comics, illustration, painting, and digital colouring She is a freelance illustrator, colourist, and comic artist. Moreover, she loves Japan, tiramisu, writing stories inspired by her dreams, and reading books.

Solen Kipoz


Şölen Kipöz is an associate professor at the Department of Fashion and Textile Design at Izmir University of Economics. She produces publications on fashion studies and conceptual design works on ethical, social and sustainable fashion. Her book entitled Sustainable Fashion (2015) published in Turkish, has been influential in the path of creating an awareness on slow and ethical fashion in Turkey. Her personal exhibition Ahimsa: The other life of clothes (2012),her installations and performances for PortIzmir International Contemporary Art Triennial (2014) and Asteya (2017) exhibition are some of her notable works.

Melissa Salvarani


Melissa is an Italian illustrator who lives in Madrid.
She was 5 years old when they gave her the first package of crayons and from that moment she always designed. She loves the colours, all the possible shades, the collage, the material and irregular surfaces.
She studied art and graphics and graduated in editorial illustration at the IED in Milan. She has always prospered at the intersection of creativity, fashion, and technology.
In 2010 she created the BonbonsLab brand, whose purpose is to recover old furnishing accessories that are made unique with tailor care, giving it new life; recycling is as important as respect for the environment.

Cecilia Pedroza


La Fada Despistada (the fair-minded fairy) is the character created by Cecilia Giménez, a singer and songwriter who was born in Argentina but has resided in Spain since 2001. A Fairy since 2007, La Fada composes and plays songs to help children fall asleep and enjoy pleasant dreams. La Fada and her musicians have performed in Catalonia, Argentina, and the Balearic Islands. La màgia d’en Cotonet is the story of how La Fada Despistada befriends a scared little cloud named Cotonet.

Angelika Claussen


Dr. Angelika Claussen is head of the European IPPNW (International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War). She is among the writers of two IPPNW rapports:
– 30 years living with Chernobyl – 5 years living with Fukushima: Health effects of the nuclear disasters in Chernobyl and Fukushima
– The health effects of uranium weapon
Within the framework of her anti-nuclear studies, she visited Chernobyl and Fukushima. She also visited Turkey and Iran several times within the scope of her peace studies.

Alex Rosen


Dr. Alex Rosen
Vice-President of the German affiliate of IPPNW (International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War). An outspoken critic of nuclear energy, he has published reports on the health effects of the Chernobyl and Fukushima nuclear catastrophes, including comprehensive replies to the WHO reports on Fukushima in 2012 and 2013, ‘Critical Analysis of the UNSCEAR Fukushima Report’ in 2014 and the book ’30 years living with Chernobyl – 5 years living with Fukushima’, which was published in Germany, France, the US and Turkey.In 2012, he created an exhibition called ‘Hibakusha Worldwide’, which deals with the environmental and health effects of the nuclear chain – from uranium mining to civil and military aspects of the nuclear industry and ultimately nuclear waste and radioactive fallout.

Nadia L. King


Australian author, Nadia L King was born in Dublin, Ireland. She is a children’s author and short story writer who believes passionately in the power of stories to make the world a better place.

Her books for children include “Claire Malone Changes the World” (an empowering and inspiring picture book for young children) and “Jenna’s Truth” (a real and raw story of cyberbullying for young adults). Nadia’s short stories have been published in Australia and internationally, and she is the winner of the 2019 Stuart Hadow Short Story Prize.

Nadia is currently undertaking postgraduate studies in English and creative writing. She lives in Western Australia with her family and her ever-expanding collection of books.

Nicole Crabtree


Nicole is an independent consultant and nutritional therapist specializing in nourishing body and soul. Her love for travel and belief that food speaks across cultures inspired her to start Foodmood.crabtree where she records her travel stories, recipes, and connects with people all over the world. The Bunny Chronicles started as the travel section of the blog, and when Nicole’s niece Annabeth came into the world, it became a series of children’s books. Nicole hopes to be a part of Annabeth’s childhood through reading, writing, and sharing the adventures of Bunny and Bearli, the furry avatars of Nicole and her husband Claudio.

Pablo Amor and Cristina Llorente


Pablo Amor and Cristina Llorente are both architects and directors of Arquitectives. They work in the dissemination of architecture and built environment as essential issues for the development of the cities and their citizens. Their projects and educational programmes are aimed to give children another point of view of the world, a knowledge of the environment through stimulus that foster their creativity, their observation and the development of a critical view.

Ellie McGuire

Editor – Non-Fiction

Ellie holds two Masters degrees in political science and environmental policy, and has expertise in environmental conservation, international development, education, and participatory engagement. She has experience researching and working in both North and South America, Asia, Europe, and Africa. Her commitment to pursuing meaningful and impactful strategies for environmental and social sustainability is reflected in both her professional and personal lives.

Alice Mae


Alice, a young lady born in Switzerland, has already since very young picked up the colored pencils to draw. Growing up to study and become a video editor, dreams of illustrating never really dwindled. At the age of 25, a dear friend asked her if she wanted to illustrate a children’s book she was writing for her niece. She agreed with pleasure and they had a terrific time creating, and Bunny Chronicles is her first (not last), published illustration came to be. 

Rosa Mascaró

Illustrator / Artist

Rosa Mascaró was born in the city, but now lives in a beloved village called Sineu where everybody knows her as Rous. Rosa loves the small details in everyday things. She’s interested in the delicacy of artisanal techniques of chalcography, screen printing, and engraving. As an illustrator and artist, she combines design projects, editorials and graphic works with the management of her home, Casa Inundate. If you suddenly hear her singing, it’s because she’s creating something!

Gerald Armengol


Gerard Armengol has BA in Illustration and Design, multifaceted artist and researcher who has developed personal aesthetic discourse in various artistic disciplines. His work covers a wide artistic spectrum from the plastic world (logos, posters, flyers, music albums covers, paintings, collages, installations and illustrations).

Samantha McLelland

Illustrator / Artist

Samantha McLelland is an artist and illustrator based in Arlington, Massachusetts. She began her career as an art teacher for elementary and middle school students, but now enjoys working exclusively as a freelance artist.

She primarily creates her illustrations on an iPad, but also enjoys traditional media including watercolor, ceramics, and printmaking. 

In addition to making art, Samantha is passionate about children’s literature and enjoys reading to her own children, as well as hiking, running, and cooking.

Alisa Knatko

Illustrator / Artist

Alisa Knatko was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. From her earliest childhood she was passionate about drawing. Having worked in academic art, digital design, advertising and even web design, Alisa found her ideal field in freelance illustration.

Her style is a mixed technique that includes balanced composition, graphic appeal of lines, expressive poses and minimalistic color scheme with random patterns and textures.

Alisa gets her inspiration from the beautiful city of Saint-Petersburg, her two little kids, ballet dancing and just sitting in a local coffee shop, contemplating people passing by.  

Maria Chernobrovkina

Illustrator / Author

Maria Chernobrovkina was born in Moscow, Russia. She loves both nature and painting as far back as she can remember. When she had to choose between becoming  a geographer and a painter, Maria decided… to do both – and got two degrees. After graduation she taught art and ecology to kids aged 3-15 and then started creating books. Her favourite techniques are collage and watercolor. Maria believes good books should not only entertain but teach as well. In her work she mostly focuses on nature and ecology. Maria has taken part in several exhibitions in Russia and Europe.”

Alicia Lopez Orosco

Illustrator / Author

She loves to convey important messages through her artistic illustrations, and discover new techniques to make the process of drawing more enjoyable. She can apply different techniques depending on the project. She has a passion for animals and nature and is really interested in sociology.

Maria van Bruggen

Illustrator / Artist

She is an artist, designer and author.Her art is full with colour and reflects her view on life – “life is full with miracles, and should be taken with grain of humor. She is a very creative and a multi-talented person and is always busy with creating if not with pen, pencil, brush or any other media, then you will find her behind her computer and trusted Wacom board. She specializes in both traditional and digital techniques, and loves to mix in between them, to get to a more sharp look. In the rare cases that she is not working, she loves to travel to new places to expand her horizon and can be frequently found in China, Spain, Portugal or any other way the wind blows.

Gabriella Vagnoli


She is half Brazilian and half Italian and is now raising her own multicultural family in the USA. As a kid, her mom read Michael Ende’s The Neverending Story to her and she has been trying to get to Fantastica ever since. She has a Bachelor degree in English and Spanish Literature from the Universita degli Studi di Pisa, and another one in Illustration from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. She is a member of SCBWI and of the AOI. Besides children’s book, she loves Shakespeare, Radiohead and could not live without coffee.

Moyra Irving


Moyra Irving is a writer, storyteller, and Creative Writing teacher who lives in Central England.Her writing career began with a collection of short stories, one of which led to the creation of The Extra Guest end-hunger charity which is partnered with Oxfam and SOS Children’s Villages.She has also published two non-fiction books: ‘Take Me to the Mountain’ and ‘Fiery Love.’ However, it wasn’t until Amelie Trott came into her life that she discovered the unparalleled joy of writing for children. Moyra also loves cats, starry nights, days by the sea and, more than anything, writing stories for the child in us all. This is her debut children’s novel. 

Emre Karacan

Author / Artist

Emre is an aspiring young artist and an author with many published works in the international arena. Rumour has it that he started painting at the age of 2! Studying Fine Arts at high school and Graphic Design & Illustration at university, he has started a full time illustration career with children’s books and animations.

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