Joombetto & Matilda

Title: Joombetto & Matilda

Author and Illustrator: Ariana Milesi

ISBN 978-619-7458-45-9

Publishing Date: May 2019

Price: 6,99 £


Our children are very familiar with animal stories, but
these classic fairytales implant so many prejudices in
our children. Let’s knock down these prejudices together.

Animals live in a world that is free of these thoughts.
Now, in our story, a flamingo and a frog are cousins. Isn’t
that beautiful?

We are setting off on a journey of extraordinary animal friendships. The new century needs new fairytales because change is everywhere.

Our main goal is to make reading a fun activity. Helping us to achieve this goal are the wonderful animals in our books, and you, our readers’ parents. Together, we can tell stories that teach our children far more than can be found in a book that is strictly educational.

Children like reading the same book again and again.
At Dixi Books, we are publishing stories that you will also enjoy reading again. Every time you turn a page, new discoveries are there to be made.