When You Left

When You Left is a picture book for 4- 8 year olds, and explores the theme that when parents break up and one parent moves on, it’s okay to have muddled feelings. A child’s parents split up and a new parent, Alex, has come on the scene. While the child desperately wants their parents to get back together and wants to dislike the new parent, there is a realisation that the sadness gets better, there can be room to love another parent and that the future can look hopeful.

How Hope Became an Activist

What is an activist? Why do we need them? Join Hope as she discovers how to make positive change on issues that matter from clothes made in fair trade to refugee aid – and to have fun at the same time!

Enough is Enough

Mistakes. We all make them – we’re only human But Do we own them? Fix them? OR Bury them deep in the dark till they fester into a tangle of Secret and lies?

Waiting … waiting …

Enough Is Enough is a book about unlikely friendships and finding the courage to trust others with your secrets no matter how bad they are.

Overcoming the Robotic Mind

An uprising that would finally lead to the emancipation of “man as slave.”

The dangers of humans slipping into a state of obeisance to mechanistic inventions has been a pressing issue ever since the industrial revolution. But in 2020, and in the midst of an electromagnetic era and the promise of robots taking over human work patterns, the issue is at the very forefront of concerns for the physical, mental, psychological and spiritual well-being of mankind as a whole.

Crazy - Memoir of a Mom Gone Mad

When Charise Jewell decided to leave her career as a robotics engineer to pursue writing fiction, the 40-year old mother of three had no idea that she was embarking on a real life story beyond her wildest imagination. Without warning, she rapidly descended into a severe mania, was hospitalized, and was given a devastating diagnosis: bipolar 1 mood disorder.
Crazy: Memoir of a Mom Gone Mad is a captivating, heartbreaking and ultimately inspiring journey through the pain and beauty of sanity, and insanity.

Ecopedagogy for Earth Rights

This book is about the possibility of realising a sustainable relationship between humans and the rest of nature, partly by creating a sustainable planetary culture of peace in which it is a matter of course that ecosystems, too, have rights, and partly by developing our legal systems so that, in effect, it becomes illegal to destroy ecosystems. The question of how to make peace with nature seems to be present as an unspoken longing in many of the efforts, on every level and in every sector, to reach the goals of a sustainable society. Peace and rights are interconnected, and the conversation about the rights of nature is attracting more and more attention. This makes it important to examine these ideas more closely.

Visions For a Post-Covid World

Beyond precipitating illness and death in a great many people across the globe, the Covid-19 pandemic has had a diverse range of further impacts. Among these, it has revealed that rapid large-scale change in the behaviour of societies is possible, it has led to inspiring stories of human endeavour (and dispiriting stories of human greed), and it has offered a stark warning as to the fragility of current economies.

The Voice of the New Age

Dixi Books, a specialized book publisher, is inviting all writers of the world to bookshelves and to Europe, the smallest but the most creative continent in the world!


We need to implement restorative measures for sustainability. Permaculture, and its genius designs, is humanity’s savior.


For travellers, every journey is also an internal journey. That is what separates our travel books from travel guides.


Behind the veil of recorded history, is an unknown micro-history. We want to lift that veil and publish the little-known secrets of the past.


To see things nobody else sees… To build things nobody else imagines. For a specialized book publisher, without literature, there is no meaning of life.

Children’s Books

A crowd of animals, neighbours and loved ones. It’s a wonderful, cheerful crowd. Visit the imaginary worlds inside children’s books.


Many learners are suffocated by monotypic, state-enforced curricula. It’s time to embrace a new way of teaching and learning.

Dixi Books

The Voice of the New Age

“Sometimes we love with nothing more than hope. Sometimes we cry with everything except tears.”

Gregory David Roberts

Voice of the New Age

Dixi Books aims to be the voice of the new age. As a specialized book publisher,  we know we have problems. We cannot solve these with our old way of doing things. We cannot meet new tastes in art and literature with old methods.

The world needs brand new novels, creative political discourses, schools that fit the age and ultimately intellectuals who will carry them from A to Z. Therefore a new need arises for creative publishing houses that will represent them.

Featured Books

This Month’s Editor Picks


Julian Rose

It is a cornucopia of vital information which will combine to dispel the illusions of the unaware and put in place a lucid vision of another way forward for mankind.


Chandrakant Bhonsle

The Extraordinary World of Cats makes an appeal to all kids to love these marvellous felines and cherish their existence while they can.


Sarah Mahfoudh

Perhaps you’ve heard the classic fairytale about the twelve dancing princesses but here is the other version. 

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