Creative Solutions to a World in Crisis

A manual for change, a wake up call for us to take back control over our lives before they become irreversibly controlled.

Josephine: A Pathway to Freedom

An ageless tale of a woman existing in a man’s world, seeking to free herself of a repressed life. “Josephine” is a story that speaks to all of us, men and women alike, because the most severe prison is our mind.


A collection of fantastical short stories where the bizarre meets the mundane and nothing is quite what it seems.


Young Wolf

Wolves are known to live in packs. Does it have to be like this? Now a very different wolf is wandering on the pages of your book.


Sunfish and Moonlight

Sunfish and Moonlight are two big-hearted sea creatures who love each other and who want to have a family. But the water where they live is too warm and they cannot spawn their babies.


The Voice of the New Age

Dixi Books, specialized book publisher, is inviting all writers of the world to bookshelves and to Europe, the smallest but the most creative continent in the world!


We need to implement restorative measures for sustainability. Permaculture, and its genious designs, is humanity’s savior.


For travellers, every journey is also an internal journey. That is what
separates our travel books from travel guides.


Behind the veil of recorded history, is an unknown micro-history. We want to lift that veil and publish the little-known secrets of the past.


To see things nobody else sees… To build things nobody else imagines. For a specialized book publisher, without literature, there is no meaning to life.

Children’s Books

A crowd of animals, neighbors and loved ones. It’s a wonderful, cheerful crowd. Visit the imaginary worlds inside children’s books.


Many learners are suffocated by monotypic, state-enforced curriculua. It’s time to embrace a new way of teaching and learning.


The Voice of New Ages

“Sometimes we love with nothing more than hope. Sometimes we cry with everything except tears”.

Gregory David Roberts

Voice of New Ages

Dixi Books aims to be the voice of new ages. As a specialized book publisher,  we know we have problems. We cannot solve these with our old way of doing things. We cannot meet new tastes in art and literature with old methods.

The world needs brand new novels, creative political discourses, schools that fit the age and ultimately intellectuals who will carry them from A to Z. Therefore a new need arises for creative publishing houses that will represent them.

Featured Books

This months editor picks.


Kaileen Toro

A comprehensive step-by- step guide to planning your travel.


Patricia Arai

A revolutionary analysis on the way history is written.


Julian Rose

A manual for change, an uncompromising call for us to rise to meet the challenge of our time.

Our Company

Dixi Books

The publisher open to all writers and books of the world. We are the voice of new ages.

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