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Dixi Books is a specialized publisher who proudly represents unique writers in select categories.

Ecology Series

Sustainability is the most important issue facing the planet right now. Unfortunately, it is no longer sufficient to simply avoid doing harm. We need to implement restorative measures. At this stage, permaculture is humanity’s savior.

Travel Series

The world is huge and filled with many different cultures. Do not hesitate if you want to reach out to them. Go and see them, experience them!  If it is not possible to go, then pick up a book and read about them! Let our books be your travel guide.

History Series

The future is hidden in the past. However, we do not have to learn history the boring way. It can be fun! The 21st century started badly but it does not have to continue that way. History is not about historians, but it is about people.

Literature Series

The most difficult thing to write is a story that touches a reader’s heart or that lifts a reader’s spirit. A story that can do this is a masterful story.

Literature is beautiful. If it is not beautiful, it is not literature. 

Children's Books

Somewhere between learning and having fun there seems to be a highland where we enjoy meeting each other and where all of us are happy. It’s a party that we never want to leave, filled with a crowd of animals, neighbors, and loved ones. 

Education Series

Many learners in modern schools are suffocated by monotypic state-enforced curricula. As we are required to follow these standards of learning, it stands to reason that state-enforced curricula should be subjected to ongoing criticism.

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