Claire Malone Changes the World


Title: Claire Malone Changes the World

Author: Nadia L. King

Illustrator: Alisa Knatko

ISBN: 978-619-7458-79-4

Publishing Date: November 2019

Price: £ 11.99

Purchase Link: Amazon

Swedish schoolgirl, Greta Thunberg has captured the world’s attention as she campaigns to raise awareness of climate change and calls world leaders to account.

All children can follow Greta’s lead. Claire Malone is the hero of Claire Malone Changes the World, a feisty character with boundless energy to change her world for the better. Armed with her typewriter and the determination to make a difference, Claire is an ordinary kid with an extraordinary desire to change things for the better. Writing letter after letter, Claire advocates for change. One day she notices that her local park needs upgrading and she commits wholeheartedly to the cause.

This an empowering and inspiring picture book for young children but especially for girls. You will love the journey of Claire, a strong and ambitious girl, so much that you will want to read this book over and over again.