The Adventures of Nina and the Radio

Title: The Adventures of Nina and the Radio

Author: Ruya Aygunes

Publishing Date: January 2019

ISBN: 978-619-7458-27-5

Price: 6,99 £

The Adventures of Nina and the Radio is Ruya
Aygunes’s first book. At nine years old, she not only
wrote the text but illustrated it too!
Ruya is passionate about radio. Radio doesn’t rely on visual images to a paint picture for us. Rather, it relies on sound – voices, music, sound effects, and even silence, to tell a story. It is this interweaving of sound, narrative, and imagination that
prompts us to construct our own images in our mind. It
is this magical confluence which sets the listener free.
This is why radio is Ruya’s passion. For her, radio is
hope, joy, and ultimately, the story’s noble saviour.
Back Cover
The big fish made her fly and took her to the kingdom
in the sky. “I can tell you my secret now, the radio said.
“The place that the big fish brought you is where I came
from,” the radio added and decreased the volume of the
music slowly. Nina woke up when the music was gone.
The radio told her its whole story.