Acila and Holy Puma Save the Temple

Title: Acila and Holy Puma Save the Temple

Author: Julie Anderson

Illustrator: Melissa Salvarani

Publishing Date: September 2020

Price: £ 6.99

The Inca civilization is an ancient culture whose disappearance is a source of sadness for everyone with a conscience. The amazing cities they built on majestic mountains, the pumas they held as holy, their gold and all other sources of wealth, were sadly swept away from the stage of history.

However, our story turns back the hands of time to go on an adventure with Acila, the tenacious young daughter of the city’s greatest architect. When everyone turns a deaf ear to her, she does what all other successful people do: she thinks carefully, applies reason, then takes action.

The happy ending occurs deep in the woods—Acila is so proud, her smile beams.

Dixi Books’ Architecture Series presents beautiful stories that encourage children to get excited about history and to learn about historical artifacts.

Read one or read them all. You never know what’s waiting to be discovered!

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