Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Title: Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Author: Julie Anderson

Illustrator: Melissa Salvarani

Publishing Date: September 2020

Price:  £ 6.99 

Losing touch with nature can cause unhappiness and anxiety. We feel this deep inside whenever we stop rushing and take a breath.

We are not alone…

In ancient Babylon, the queen feels the same disconnection to nature. Sensing his wife’s melancholy the king wants to cheer her and so starts an incredible project: the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

However, the key to the king’s dream lies in the hands of a small girl whose father is the greatest architect in all of Babylon. It’s up to her to convince her father to help the king achieve his dream of building the greatest garden the world has ever seen.

The Architecture Series by Dixi Books opens the pages of history. This fun and enlightening story draws young readers into the past while never losing sight of the present. After all, all story is born from history.

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