The Bunny Chronicles - How Bunny Was Born


Title: The Bunny Chronicles – How Bunny Was Born

Author: Nicole Crabtree

Illustrator: Alice Mae

ISBN: 978-619-7458-58-9

Publishing Date: July 2019

Price: £ 5.99

Purchase Link: Amazon

The Bunny Chronicles, the origin story, is the first in a series of books following the international adventures of Bunny and Bearli together with their Mommy and Poppy, and sometimes with other members of their furry family. Bunny began her life as a mascot and morphed into the avatar of the author. Bearli, having lived years as a precious keepsake kept hidden in a box, came to life as Bunny’s husband, the avatar of the author’s husband. Follow Bunny and Bearli as they animate the life of two adventurous souls. All dedicated to the author’s nieces living oceans away. Where will they go now? Stay tuned.