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The most difficult thing to write is a story that touches a reader’s heart or that lifts a reader’s spirit. A story that can do this is a masterful story. Literature is beautiful. If it is not beautiful, it is not literature.

The writer cannot fully describe the circle by staying in it. They need to get out of it, to look at it from a distance. So, writing is perhaps loneliness. Then again, perhaps it is the opposite. Perhaps it is being in a crowd.

 Some would go crazy without writing. We call these people ‘real writers’. There is only one job that they can do – and that is to write. To see things that nobody else sees, to build things that nobody else imagines, to be ready when that glorious moment comes… Real writers open windows and invite us into their world. They cheer us and bring us joy. They make us feel all of life’s wondrous emotions.

Without literature, there is no meaning to life.

List of Literature Books

Josephine: A Pathway to Freedom

by Virginia Elena Patrone


by Orhan Tuncay

To Be or not to Be: Discredited

by Ismail Yavas

A Garden on Top of the World

by Virginia Aronson

Mottainai: A Journey in Search of the Zero Waste Life

by Virginia Aronson

Open Wounds

by S.C. Farrow

Jenna's Truth

by Nadia L. King

This is not a Lie

by S. C. Farrow

Flying the Nest

by Joy Norstrom

She Seduced Me - A Love Affair with Rome

by Mark Tedesco

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