Title: Touched

Author: Orhan Tuncay

ISBN: 978-619-90997-7-3

Publishing Date: July 2018

Price: £ 8.99

Purchase Link: Amazon

Todorov said that if the reader cannot decide whether the events are natural or supernatural, and this effect continues throughout the book, then this would be the fantastic type. That means that the writer is successful in directing the reader, in a way, to accept supernatural as natural.

In Touched, the writer takes you on a journey through the garden of fantasy. The reader will pick the flowers of jokes, mysteries, weirdness, and enjoyment. You will enjoy reading this collection of eighteen short stories brimming with unexpected events and unforeseen endings.

So, please, sit down on a comfortable chair, lean back, and plunge your mind into a world of fantasy. You will be Touched.

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