This is not a Lie

Title: This is not a Lie

Author: S. C. Farrow

ISBN: 978-1-913680-03-9

Publishing Date:  November 2020

Price: £ 13.99

In my career as a music journalist I’ve written about a lot of killer bands, but the most gut-wrenching story I ever covered was that of Joel Reed, lead guitarist for hard rock outfit The Blackhearts.

The Blackhearts were based in St Kilda, Melbourne’s music capital in the early 1980s. They were looking for a new singer when a good-looking newcomer named Harry Engel turned up to audition. His blistering vocals were all they needed to rocket the band into super stardom.

Secretly gay, Joel fell for Harry hard and fast, but nothing could have prepared him for the tragedy that was about to befall them.

Randall Thorpe, Australian rock music journalist, Cheap Shot magazine.

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