Sunfish and Moonlight





Title: Sunfish and Moonlight

Author: Lisa Aarden

Illustrator: Oksana Bula

Publishing Date: October 2018

ISBN: 978-619-7458-01-5

Price: £ 6.99

Purchase Link: Amazon

Sunfish and Moonlight are two big-hearted sea creatures who love each other and who want to have a family. But the water where they live is too warm and they cannot spawn their babies.

They decide to leave their home and go on an extraordinary adventure to a place where the water is colder.

How do fish live? Where do they swim? How do they breathe? What do they eat?

What kind of world is it under the sea? And how is climate change affecting it?

Sunfish and Moonlight is a story for children who are curious about the world.