Visions For a Post-Covid World

Title: Visions For a Post-Covid World

Author: Joe Gray

ISBN: 978-1-913680-11-4

Publishing Date: March 2021

Price: £ 19,99

Purchase: Book Depository

Beyond precipitating illness and death in a great many people across the globe, the Covid-19 pandemic has had a diverse range of further impacts. Among these, it has revealed that rapid large-scale change in the behaviour of societies is possible, it has led to inspiring stories of human endeavour (and dispiriting stories of human greed), and it has offered a stark warning as to the fragility of current economies. In addition, the pandemic has provided a desperately needed opportunity for reflection on humanity’s present trajectory, a course that is destroying the life-support systems on which we—and the innumerable species with whom we share the Earth—depend.

In this collection of new writing, a number of the world’s most exciting environmental thinkers provide their visions for what a radically new normal could look like in a post-Covid world. Between them, they shine a light on a spectrum of key topics, including economics, energy, food systems, education, climate, rewilding, animal rights, and communication.

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