Overcoming the Robotic Mind – Why Humanity Must Come Through


With deep research, high intelligence and poetic beauty, Julian Rose speaks eloquently and directly to each of us, to explain why we all – Humanity – must come through, both for ourselves and our future as a species, and for Mother Earth.
It was an impressive and inspiring read, and what was achieved in just under 250 pages is an amazing and critically important feat.  Thank you for the opportunity both to read and review it, and I have attached my review to this email, which I know you have been awaiting, Assel.  Please know I have never before done a book review, so whatever needs to be added, deleted, formatted, or otherwise edited, please let me know and I will be most happy to accommodate.  I hope my comments do justice to your writing, Julian, and thank you for your ongoing gracious support, Assel, and thanks to both of you, for this opportunity.

by Marcela Cruz-Gibbons, an activist colleague, Reiki Master and poet

 “The author’s integrity, honesty and sincerity shine out from each page and the ever-present guiding thought that “…there is no us and them. There is only us” is a powerful, uplifting and crucial assertion.  Finding a way to enable everyone to understand and desire such a truth, occupies the entire book and draws on Julian Rose’s committed and tireless engagement with the forces that shape our world… it is a call for action and we all have, floating around in our subconscious, the knowledge that harm is not done by those who are bad but by those who do nothing”

by Rosamund Young


 “I find Julian’s book quite wonderful. The more so in that the series of essays unfold with the continuity and unity of a well written novel. And yet nothing is fictional, all of it actual.” 

by Harvey Grossman

When I read the latest book of Julian Rose ‘Overcoming the Robotic Mind – Why Humanity Must Come Through’ I was touched by the uncompromising analysis of how earth and all life on it is under threat. Even more so by his dedication to find ways to overcome our ever faster slide into a dystopian future where the robotic mind, artificial intelligence and the internet of things will dominate and enslave humanity and all life.


Julian shows how interconnected things are. One cannot separate our health from the effects of the electronic communication gadgets which steal more and more of our real lives. Nor can one separate the effects of genetic manipulation from the depletion of the world’s soils. Nor can one separate the poisoning of the environment from the cut-throat non-morality of the dominant economic system.  Nor can one separate politics and economy from an agenda that is hell-bent on merging the human brain with the ‘internet of things’ to finally enable total global control of the minds and lock humanity in a permanent and invisible prison.


In his book Julian touches on many things such as politics, agriculture, genetics, trans-humanism, war, technology, de-population, religion and spirituality. In the form of essays he fuses them all together to enable the reader to see the bigger picture and the dire situation all life – including human – finds itself in. But he does not stop there but inspires us to remember our own powers and responsibilities and gives us ideas of how we can overcome it. He makes us aware that our acquiescence to go along with what is happening in our societies is a major part of why we find ourselves in such a situation. He reminds us of the power of ‘NO’, meaning having enough of the madness and the will to NOT go along with it any longer. In his words: ‘That first big No leads directly to an even bigger Yes! To living our true nature as conscious beings; defenders and guardians of this richly endowed place of beauty in which we find ourselves. You see there is nowhere else to go with our lives. Those of us who ‘understand’ are in the last line of defence to bring to an end the despotic rape of all that which has value. Of everything sacred.’


So what alternatives do we have? Julian suggests that we return, by necessity, to our roots and that all those who can read the writing on the wall, should set their sights on getting re-earthed before the fault lines of change finally swallow up the outmoded and dysfunctional practices of yesteryear.


This book is a strong call to action for everyone who cares for the beauty of this planet and the life on it including the human. It is a battle cry for humanity and the sacredness of creation.

by R. Teichmann

* Teichmann is a activist, writer, poet, amateur musician and a retired sea captain. His articles have been published on various websites (e.g. www.globalresearch.ca , www.wakingtimes.com). He lives with his wife in an intentional, egalitarian, self-governing eco-community in rural Ireland which they have co-founded 4 years ago.

Title: Overcoming the Robotic Mind – Why Humanity Must
Come Through

Author: Julian Rose

ISBN: 978-619-7458-31-2

Price: £ 19.99

Purchase Link: Amazon 

E-Book: Kindle   Kobo   Nook Book

Between the covers of Overcoming the Robotic Mind – Why Humanity Must Come Through – is a cornucopia of vital information which will combine to dispel the illusions of the unaware and put in place a lucid vision of another way forward for mankind.

Drawing upon his highly diverse experiences as an actor, organic farming pioneer, political activist, broadcaster, social entrepreneur, holistic educator and international campaigner, Julian Rose presents a compelling view of the way to break-through the destructive patterns of our consumer obsessed society, challenging his audience to recognize life’s bigger picture and to think and act ‘outside the box’.

Using an essay style to explore and expose a wide range of contemporary planetary concerns, he calls for a rise in consciousness, so that individuals can fully participate in building a better future together.

The book’s title, Overcoming the Robotic Mind, concerns the author’s expose of the anti-life position of the transhumanist agenda. An agenda that promotes the notion that computer power will soon take-over control of the human mind.

Through  the  channeling  of reawakened energies into a process of root and branch socio-economic reform and spiritual uplift, Julian Rose  foresees  a renaissance of ‘bottom-up’ creative endeavour which can directly challenge the failed status quo; reshape our planetary existence and lead to a deeper and more subtle relationship being formed between man and nature, as well as between fellow human beings.

Quite simply: you are invited to jump-in at the deep end – and start swimming with energies that reinvigorate your very soul and shine a beacon of light on the road ahead.


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