Creative Solutions to a World in Crisis



Title: Creative Solutions to a World in Crisis

Author: Julian Rose

ISBN: 978-619-7458-21-3

Price: £ 9,99

Purchase at: Amazon

‘Creative Solutions to a World in Crisis’ is a manual for change, a wake up call for us to take back control over our lives before they become irreversibly controlled. The book examines where we lost our way: historically, socially, environmentally, agriculturally, economically, technologically, and in law, education and spirit. It demonstrates how to now resolve the key dilemmas brought about via ‘wrong doing’ in each of these spheres –and beyond.
‘Creative Solutions to a World in Crisis’ focuses on pragmatic human scale resolutions to conflicting socio-economic problems, proposing realisable ‘local’ solutions as an antidote to rapidly developing global crises.
Through the channelling of reawakened human energies into a process of root and branch societal reform, the author foresees a ‘new renaissance’ of hope, creative endeavour that can reshape our perilous planetary existence and lead to a deeper and more subtle relationship between man and nature as well as between fellow human beings.
Quite simply: It is an uncompromising call for us to rise to meet the challenge of our time.

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