A Year in Ecuador

Title: A Year in Ecuador

Author: Hawa Butita

ISBN: 978-619-90997-8-0

Price: £ 9.99

As the name implies, Ecuador is derived from the equator, or equatorial line. In terms of tourism, Ecuador is famous for its Galapagos Islands and many of the animal species found there are unique to the islands. Swimming along with sea lions and penguins, diving with hammerhead sharks, or hanging out with 500-pound turtles are fascinating tourist activities.

The Spanish invasion resulted in the history of the country passing from the Incan Empire to colonial rule. Simon Bolivar, the Venezuelan commander, rebelled against the Spanish with the goal of forming a united South America. Support from rebellions in Ecuador ensured his victory, and in 1822 he achieved his first milestone when he united Venezuela, Columbia, and Ecuador under one name – Great Columbia. Despite this achievement, the overall goal was short-lived. Eight years later, in 1930, Ecuador declared its independence. In the twentieth century, in 1941, 1995 and 1998, Ecuador battled in ongoing wars with Peru. Peace has been achieved; however, debates over borders continue.

 A Year in Ecuador is an exciting and impressive travel book which examines two remarkable historical occasions.


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