History and Masculinity

Title: History and Masculinity

Author: Flavio Pernadas

ISBN: 978-619-90997-3-2

Price: £ 10,99

Modernization has been built on a masculine discourse. In this context, modernity has been designed and built using a masculine-dominant approach. Although women have been at the center of modernization and the socialization process of the transformation, they have not been regarded as instrumental.

While gender is seen as a natural category, gender roles are inextricably linked to a culture’s normative ideals of masculinity and femininity. Individuals participate in the social world by fulfilling their roles as men or women. The roles of male and female genders do not exist in society by default. Rather, they are built by society.

The dual-gender system has endured throughout humanity’s existence and will undoubtedly endure as humanity progresses into the future. It can be said that history generated the dual-sex system and thus made it possible to exist in social reality.

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