Future of the Seed

Title: Future of the Seed

Author: Miguel Angel Durante

ISBN: 978-619-90997-3-8

Price: £ 9,99

Release Date: December 2019

For the most part, people have always eaten food that is grown locally. In times past, people knew how to conserve their food using many different and creative methods. Our current knowledge of food preservation pales in comparison to that of our ancestors, but does this justify food manufacturers’ tampering with produce in order to provide goods all year round? Having seasonal fruit all year round is attractive, but not wise. If you need to eat an orange every day, but you live in Boston, then maybe you should move to Florida or adjust your diet to eat what is available seasonally.

The key to solving the seed issue is to eat food that is produced locally. If supermarkets are allowed to govern the way we eat, eventually our meals will be filled with hybrid and GMO seeds.

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