Construction of the Non-Violent Society

Title: Construction of the Non-Violent Society

Author: Wendelin Umlaut

ISBN: 978-619-90997-3-9

Price: £ 11,99

“Violence is by nature instrumental; like all means, it always stands in need of guidance and justification through the end it pursues,” says Hannah Arendt in her book On Violence. By using some of these aims in the same sense as violence itself, we tend to consider violence as non-existent or justifiable, apart from being a means-to-an-end tactic used by a number of individuals and institutions.

In particular, the definitions that we use to describe and condem state violence support this tendency. violence is inextricably linked to state. As such, it is necessary to analyze this union and the effect it has upon society. In order to explain this instrumental nature of violence, it is useful to distinguish soe of the concepts that can be used instead of violence. Only in this way can society be emancipated and free to build a new, non-violent society. 

This debate might not be new, but the need to keep the conversation going has never been as urgent as it is today.

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