The Thing That Entered Our Home

Title: The Thing That Entered Our Home

Author: Emre Karacan

Illustrator: Emre Karacan

Publishing Date: July 2020

What is that thing moving around in our home? It’s growing bigger and bigger and threatening all of us. Where did it come from? Who does it belong to? And when will it go away?

Our home is beautiful only when all of us are in it. Our presence creates a sense of feeling. The more parents and children cooperate and the more they make joint decisions, the happier and more peaceful home becomes.
In order to transfer this feeling to children, this book combines words and images by using an extraordinary metaphor. It aims to create awareness about our home.

A book in which the level of excitement increases and so do hope and awareness in parallel. Another extraordinary creation of us which is in accordance with our publishing policy, is hitting the shelves!