Li, Miss Bee and the Honey Rocket


Title: Li, Miss Bee and the Honey Rocket

Author: Robert Austin

Illustrator: Alina Everatt

ISBN: 978-1-913680-08-4

Publishing Date: January 2021

Price: £7,99

Miss Bee and her friends are as busy as bees, because they are planning an extraordinary trip! They thought, designed, worked hard, and a little harder for a little longer… until they finally got everything they needed. They used every single help they can find to embark on an incredible journey; would you like to join them?

A marvellous story of a little girl wanting to visit outer space, Li, Miss Bee and the Honey Rocket is intriguing as it is amusing. With its dynamic tone and alluring illustrations, Miss Bee’s story will keep your child’s attention until the very end.