Fluffy's Magic

Title: Fluffy’s Magic

Author: Cecilia Gimenez Pedroza

Illustrator: Rosa Mascaro Verger 

Publishing Date: December 2018

ISBN: 978-619-7458-33-6

Price: 4,99 £

Purchase at: Amazon


A man notices a crow and a seagull are flying together as friends. He is surprised because these two birds happen to be enemies. When he looks more carefully, he realizes that both birds are lame.

Like us, our children are smart, clever, and creative. However, they also have habits or behaviors they don’t like. A child’s odd behavior is not a defect, but rather something to address and modify.

The fairy and cloud experience this in our story. Though the fairy cannot sing and the cloud is getting smaller and smaller, their friendship will get them through their troubles.

With their out-of-the-box children’s story, our Catalan author and illustrator presents a gift of extraordinary colors to the children of the world.