Edu and the Best House Ever


Title: Edu and the Best House Ever

Author:  Pablo Amor, Cristina Llorente

Illustrator: Gerard Armengol

Publishing Date: 25 Apr 2019

ISBN: 978-6197458435

Price: 6,99 £

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Edu is eight years old, 4 feet tall and weighs 53 pounds. Like most other children, he loves chocolate bread, climbing trees and stopping by his famous candy store for the great smell. Edu does not like pepper, or cola, or the sound of flies crashing against the window of his bedroom. He is restless, a dreamer, intrepid, energetic, a little impatient and very, very magical. Edu usually plays at the cabins. Every day, after lunch, he dismantles the kitchen chairs to build very complicated structures, which he covers with tablecloths that turn them into castles, skyscrapers or houses with a garden. Because Edu, above all, wants to be an architect. That is why he sets out to investigate in past times, to help him discover the keys to good design. A search that will take us to know the landmarks of architecture, while immersing us in the challenge of finding the best house in the world.