Title: Touched

Author: Orhan Tuncay

ISBN: 978-619-90997-7-3

Price: £ 8,99

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According to Buddhism, a person’s rebirth, that is, the formation of an embryo in a mother’s womb, requires three basic factors: eggs, sperm and karma energy (karma-vega). In sutras, this energy is metaphorically called “spirit”. Mothers and fathers only provide the physical material necessary for the embryo. According to the teachings of the Buddha, an embryo’s characteristic features, i.e. its innate skills and tendencies, are explained thus: a deceased person’s karmic energy is diffised at the exat moment of their death. Lİke a glowing light, this energy hits a pregnant womb. Together, egg, spermatozoon, and karmic energy nestle in the womb as an embryonic cell. 

Can ecology be inspired by this karma and re-birth thought of Buddhism? The same concept of continuity shapes the nature. Decay, growth, recreation and an essence and substance that does not disappear.

More and more, Western thinking is embracing the East, particularly Buddhism. We believe this is revolutionary, that it is a groundbreaking change towards creating a new era. When you read this book, you will no doubt experience a similar state of mind.

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