Josephine: A Pathway to Freedom

Title: Josephine: A Pathway to Freedom


Author: Virginia Elena Patrone


Publishing Date: May 2018


ISBN: 978-619-90997-4-2


Price: £8,99


Purchase Link: Amazon

An ageless tale of a woman existing in a man’s world, seeking to free herself of a repressed life. She will need to abandon her comforts, her family, but more, she will
need to take responsibility for her actions. “Josephine” is a story that speaks to all of us, men and women alike, because the most severe prison is our mind.

“The truth for me is that, when you begin to live your life in a manner worthy of your true, enormous and limitless spirit, what you have been through, in your past, does not weigh on your shoulders like the burden of lost time, but rather it is perceived as a journey, or a necessary stage of life, to reach where you are today.”